Excited Dogs Are Having A Great Time Driving Around In A School Bus

Users on TikTok are envious of a dog behaviorist who has the “greatest job in the world”: driving a bus full of animals.

Fans couldn’t get enough of the cuteness when the Skagway, Alaska-based trainer and dog walker posted one of her daily routines to the video-sharing app.

She says in the video, “Thank you for traveling with Mo Mountain Mutts.” She inquires, “Would you like a complimentary liver with your bus ride?”

When each dog patiently waiting for their turn on the bus confirms their presence, the dog expert calls out their names and rewards them with a liver treat.

The dogs on the bus included Echo, Louis, Daisy, Jake, and Murray, but everyone’s favorite was ‘old man Charles.’

In their seats, all of the dogs were as calm and quiet as gold.

“Please stay in your seat until we arrive at your house,” the trainer continued, “keep your paws to yourself, and keep your tails out of the aisles. Wonderful dogs,” says the narrator.

One viewer, who couldn’t believe how well behaved these dogs were, wrote, “Million times better behaved than kids.”

Another inquired, “Is this the bus that will take us to heaven?”
“That’s a happy bus,” said a third.

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