enjoying the sunshine with grandpa. Douglas, 76, and his wife were photographed by paparazzi while on vacation.

The 76-year-old Michael Douglas and his wife, 51, are enjoying a well-deserved getaway. In one of the upscale resorts, the doves were captured on camera by the paparazzi.

Fans discussed the couple’s new photos in the comments that appeared beneath the professional photos. What a shame about her waning beauty. Katherine has become older next to Michael while “soaking up the sun with her granddad.”

“Look like grandfather and granddaughter,” “Douglas is a decrepit old guy,” “And I trust in their feelings,” and other remarks were made by website visitors. I drank all the juice from Katherine, “Wonderful couple,” and “Very gorgeous couple.”

What do you say? Do you like this famous couple?

What are your opinions on inequitable unions?


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