Elephant Couple Rescued After Being Slaves For 80 Years, Finally Have Time Of Their Lives At New Shelter.

These elephants spent their lives being slaves for 80 years in Thailand in the forestry and elephant-trekking markets.

The poor elephants were forced to labor while chained until they were exhausted.

Finally, after 80 years, Boonme and Buabaan launched Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai. There they spent time playing, eating yummy fruits and vegetables, and having mud baths.

Christian Leblanc, a YouTube vlogger, and videographer from Canada helped in the rescue.

There they found a new friend called BaiCha and the trio had a wonderful time until they would be released.

Christian planned the documentary ‘Black Tusk,’ which aims to educate tourists regarding the brutality behind Thailand’s growing ‘elephant trekking’ industry.

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