Elderly Abandoned Dog Walks Alone, Cries And Begs For Food On The Street

Ray, an eight-year-old Labrador retriever abandoned by his family, was found alone on the streets of Torrance, California. His eyes were moody and sad. His body was skeletal and thin. His fur was no longer functional due to starvation.

When a dog’s family abandons him, it is heartbreaking. Family members may refuse to care for a sick or old dog, but they have no idea of the suffering the dog will endure when they leave it behind.

The staff at the facility in Carson, California, rescued Ray. Thanks to volunteers at the detention center, Ray recovered a little, but he was still discouraged. He was soon put up for adoption. His passion for advanced dogs seems relatively modest.

That’s when Ray was adopted!

Ray’s feelings for people have not changed. He always greeted everyone with enthusiasm and love. It really broke our hearts to see him so lost and depressed in the video. We pray for Ray’s speedy recovery and that he continues to be showered with love and attention.

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