‘Dumpster baby’ adopted by kind parents becomes $62 million company founder

From a helpless infant to the creator of a lucrative telecom corporation.
Freddie Figgers demonstrated to everyone that life only ends when you give up as he went from being a newborn left in a garbage to being a prosperous businessman.

Just two days after his birth, Figgers’ biological mother cruelly abandoned him. His wicked mother abandoned the helpless infant in a frigid dumpster without considering the potential repercussions of such a horrible deed. Do you think that no one in their right mind would abandon a baby in such a location?

The current CEO undoubtedly had a difficult start to life; in fact, his life may have ended that very moment.

He was fortunate to have Nathan and Betty Figgers as a caring and supporting couple. They took in the once abandoned child who grew up with such cutting-edge technological expertise.

Nobody anticipated that he’d achieve such success in life given his sad upbringing.

Freddie got his first computer when he was just nine years old. Even though it was broken, he eventually got it to work by repairing, adjusting, and debugging it.

At the age of 12, he obtained his first job ever after proving to be a genius (if not gifted). Then, by the time he reached 15, he already had a cloud computing business. When a tornado struck an Alabama-based auto dealership, which lost all of its computer data, including the information of its customers, he got the idea to start the business.

Figgers sought to come up with a solution that would allow small businesses to large corporations to back up their data on a distant server in order to prevent data loss in the future. A posh facility would come to mind as soon as one thinks of a remote server. He just had a backyard server, despite its supposed isolated location.

Additionally, he created a unique sneaker with a GPS tracker and a two-way radio. He claims that his father, who was then beginning to exhibit indications of Alzheimer’s disease, is what first sparked his intense interest in creating such an innovation. He claimed that his father frequently forgot to do a number of simple things, including put on his pants.

He entered the healthcare industry because he wanted to always ensure that his father was protected.
He was able to communicate with his father even while they were apart because to the two-way communicator. So he wouldn’t have to worry about his dad doing something risky. On the other side, the GPS enabled him to keep track of his father’s current whereabouts so that he would never go missing.

He finally dropped out of school after receiving a job offer and skipping two to three weeks of classes. He completed the development of a computer program in just four weeks while he was not in class. After receiving payment of $80,000 for doing so, he began making investments in Figgers Communication, his own telecom firm.

At the age of 24, Figgers had already created and constructed 80 unique software applications! What a dude! He managed to do all of that despite being a “dumpster baby,” and nothing in his history prevented him from achieving his goals and becoming wealthy on his own.

100% commitment and attention!
Figgers kept going and eventually reached the summit. He developed a business that is today worth over $62 million!

In addition to his success, Figgers also gives back to his community by funding children programs, paying for elders’ expenses, and saving homes from foreclosure, among other things.

“If you identify a problem, find a way to create an effect and alter someone’s life,” Figgers said. “I believe putting caring into action.” Money is only a tool, but with that instrument, we can affect and alter the lives of regular people by providing possibilities, thus I’m going to transform this world and make today better for a better tomorrow.

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