Daughter joins dad to sing beautiful duet of popular Andrea Bocelli song

Have you heard Andrea Bocelli’s duet performance of “Fall On Me” with his son, Matteo?

It was a touching performance of a song that was recorded to give a message of hope, joy, and love all over the world.

“Fall On Me” is a beautiful song about the bond between a parent and a child.

“Anyone who is a parent, anyone who knows the precious responsibility of being a mother or a father, will fully grasp the meaning of this piece,” Andrea described.

“Fall On Me” has been covered by many magnificent singers all over the world but perhaps this particular cover is the most touching and memorable.

Mat and Savanna are a father-and-daughter musical pair, who rose to fame during the early years of the pandemic.

Savanna was the one who started their music account on social media but she was a very shy girl so she asked her dad to sing with her.

They sang “The Prayer.”

That video went viral and jumpstarted their musical career online.


From then on, they were known as the musical duo, Mat and Savanna.

Savanna started off the song and showed off her melodic gifts. Her voice is so full, it’s hard to believe she’s still a teenager.

If you close your eyes while listening to her voice, you’ll get lost in the moment and will forget everything in the world.

Her voice is hard to resist.

And then there was a long pause before we hear Mat sing his part.

The perfect voice

When he opens his mouth to sing, your eyes will open wide (if they were closed) because you can’t believe the voice coming out of this man.

It’s the perfect voice to cover Andrea Bocelli’s song and still make it his own.

And then the duet part comes.

It’s so wonderful to hear such a beautiful, harmonious blend of voices. They were made to sing and to sing together, too.

We are so happy Savanna chose to place her musical prowess online. We’re very grateful she also asked her dad to join her because they work so well together.


There are singers and musicians who are related by blood but don’t blend well.

Mat and Savanna definitely have a loving and trusting relationship, where they understand how each other works and how they can mix that to form a cohesive team.

That relationship is clearly seen in this video. And it makes you want to check out the other videos, too.

Andrea and Matteo Bocelli must be proud to have another father-and-child musical duo cover their song so wonderfully.


And their viewers are so grateful to have witnessed this touching musical performance from Mat and Savanna.

“Mat – Your voice is incredible. Your state of bliss when Savanna sings is what every daughter longs for in her father. Thank you for giving your daughter this gift. It is beautiful and touching to watch,” Nandini said.

“The love and light shines brightly through you two. Authentic genuine energy. Very rare this is so beautiful,” Peter Hollens added.

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