Cross-eyed cat with permanently sad expression just wants a new home

Some animals are born with unique looks, but that’s just what makes them special. They just need to find the right person to love them just the way they are.

Like one cat, whose crossed eyes give him a permanently sad-looking expression — but what would finally make him happy is finding a new forever home.

Meet Benjamin Franklin:

Ben Franklin arrived at Animal Welfare Society, in Connecticut, last June following the death of his elderly owner.

Employees at the shelter immediately noticed his very unique look — he has crossed eyes that give him a fixed sad, slightly confused expression.

But while he looks unhappy, that doesn’t necessarily reflect how he’s feeling, and his crossed eyes are of no medical concern.

“We noticed his crossed eyes right away and thought they were so cute,” shelter staff member Crystal told The Dodo. “Ben has seen our vet, and there was no concern about his eyes.”

While sometimes different-looking animals can have a hard time getting adopted, the shelter says Ben Franklin is having a hard time less because of his looks and more because of his timid personality.

He hasn’t been as playful as many other cats, possibly because he still feels attached to his deceased owner.

“We know he was closely bonded with his elderly owner so we are hopeful that once he had enough time to settle into a new home he would come around and show his real personality,” Animal Welfare Society wrote on Facebook.

While there haven’t been any takers yet, Animal Welfare Society hopes that there is someone who will love him just the way he is, and take the time to let his personality shine through in a peaceful environment.

“Ben’s ideal home would be quiet with someone patient and understanding,” Crystal told The Dodo. “He would be okay with another easygoing cat that will respect his space and not want to play, but would prefer a home without dogs or small children.”

“Even though Benjamin requires a special home, we know there is someone out there for him!”

We hope Benjamin Franklin finally finds a home soon — there has to be someone out there to make this “sad” cat very happy!

If you are interested in adopting Benjamin Franklin, you can reach out to Animal Welfare Society for more info.

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