Creative owner prints 3D helmet for his motorcycling rescue feline

Recently a kind-hearted man named Remy adopted a shelter tabby cat Cathode. When they first met at the shelter the cat was so fond of him that Remy couldn’t stay indifferent. They began to live and enjoy every minute of their life spent together.

Maybe Cathode was afraid of the vacuum cleaner but she adored extreme sports. She wasn’t afraid of height, or speed at all. Even more, she got pleasure from such extreme activities.

First, Remy took the cat only on his bike rides. They rode at night so that the cat wouldn’t be scared of the cars. Then their activities included boat riding, skiing, & sky diving.

As the cat dealt with height and wind very often she needed something to protect her face during their leisure. Remy created a helmet with glasses for Cathode but soon he made a 3D helmet which was very funny. The cat was very happy with her new hamlet. The cat was excellent support for her dad and she was happy to have such a caring and loving father.

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