Cow about to be slaughtered makes a run for it, rides a water slide to freedom

video shared by the Brazilian outlet Diário da Região shows a cow who reportedly escaped from a cattle ranch.

It shows how much the cow wanted to continue his life instead of becoming food for people.

The case happened in Nova Granada in São Paulo. A cow who was going to be slaughtered decided to escape from a ranch and he luckily manage to. But the cow was found in a very unusual place. He stopped on a water slide where he slid dows and fortunately the slide kept the cow. The slide was only designed to handle up to 450 pounds, while the cow weighs 700 pounds.

After this case, the owner decided not to slaughter the cow as he had a great desire to live. Now the cow even has a fitting new name: “Tobogã,” the Portuguese word for “slide.”

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