Clever lost dog strolls into police station and ‘reports’ herself missing

It’s a well-known fact that dogs are intelligent.

Dog experts agree that a typical dog would score about 100 on an IQ test. This score is the same IQ as an average two-year-old child.

Some more intelligent dogs have higher IQ and are closer to the intelligence of a typical three or four-year-old child.

In Leicestershire in the U.K., one dog proved just how smart she was.

Rosie, a 10-year-old Border Collie rescue dog, was walking with her owner Steve Harper and another family pet, Laser. They were taking a walk at Southfields Park in their area.

At about 4:00 pm, a firework went off near where they were walking, and this caused Rosie to run away.

“She went and stood with her dad, which she does when she is nervous, and then skedaddled [when the firework went off],” Julie Harper, wife of Mr. Harper, told the BBC.

Luckily, when Rosie ran off she headed straight into the police station.

The police station Rosie entered was right beside the park where she was taking a walk.

Mrs. Harper said that Mr. Harper was very upset after the incident. Fortunately, he got a call as he was walking Laser home. The person on the other end of the phone told him that his dog had been found.

You can see on the CCTV footage that Rosie approached the police station’s automatic doors before entering the station.

She spent a few seconds walking around the station before settling down and lying down beside a chair in the waiting area.

No wonder people say that Rosie “reported” herself as lost.

The police station staff gave her water to drink, and she became friends with other people at the police station.

Fortunately, Rosie was wearing a collar with her owner’s contact details.

“Thankfully she was wearing a collar, so a lead was available to contact Rosie’s owner, who was delighted she had been found safe and well,” the Leicestershire police wrote on their Facebook page.

“I was so pleased and so happy she was safe and so proud of her that she was clever enough to find her way to the police station,” Mrs. Harper said.

Many netizens loved how smart Rosie is and how she seemingly went into the police station on purpose, and not by chance.

“Clearly understands the stranger danger rule and headed for the police for help. Well done, Rosie,” one comment said.

Another said, “Collies do what they want. Happy she wandered into well-meaning hands!”

We’re happy that Rosie did the right thing and went straight to the police station after getting separated from her owner.

Whether she did it on purpose or not, we’ll never know. Whatever the reason was, it worked!

Rosie was only lost for a few minutes, thanks to the Loughborough police station.

Now, she’s reunited with Laser and the rest of her family.

This video shows just how smart dogs can be. Not only did Rosie enter the police station calmly on her own, but she also went straight to the corner and sat down patiently.

As the Leicestershire police wrote, “What a lovely, clever dog.” We couldn’t agree more!

Watch the video below to see how Rosie “reported” herself missing.

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