Cat With A Bicolor Face Is The Dad Of 2 Kitties Who Shared Their Colors

This cat with a bicolor face couldn’t have imagined that his kittens would have his peculiarity shared in 2.

Narnia is a bicolored cat who attracts everyone with his black and gray fur. The colors are subdivided into two halves in a very fascinating way. He has an unusual genetic trait that differentiates him from others. Besides his fur colors, the cat has also amazing big blue eyes which are peculiar to white cats and not to black ones. “A geneticist conducted tests and discovered that this unique cat has only one DNA … he remains a mystery to science.”

Narnia is a French cat, born in Paris. But now he is living in the UK with his mom Stephanie Jiminez. Soon the cat has become a father of two attractive kittens one gray and one black like the 2 fur colors of Narnia. Gray-haired Phoenix and black-haired Prada, however, are not the first kittens of Narnia. he has become the father of many beautiful kittens with wonderful variations of fur color.

Phoenix has already found a forever home, soon Prada will also find a forever home and will live happily like her father.

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