Bystander films homeless man throwing birthday party for his dogs and changes his life

People will do everything for their best friends, and this man made the news for just that. This story takes place in the streets of Bucaramanga, Colombia. It’s about a man who gave a whole lot even though he had very little.

This is Choko José Luis Matos, a homeless man who spends a lot of time with his two dogs.

Choko first drew attention when a bystander filmed an adorable scene with him and the two pooches. The streets aren’t exactly cozy or homely, but this was really all Choko had. Still, he found reason to smile.

He placed party hats on his two dogs and sang a song to one of them. Complete with the smiling and clapping.

These two dogs in question are named Shaggy and Nena. Shaggy is the celebrant here, and appreciates the party Choko threw. Who would say no to a birthday party, after all?

He didn’t forget the cake and the candles either.

When the singing as all done, Choko lights the candles and cuts the cake for Shaggy. Nothing like some sweet cake to top off a birthday.

In case it wasn’t clear, Choko did pay for the hats and the cake.

But why? When you’re living in the streets, shouldn’t you save every cent for food? I’m sure most would agree, but Choko’s love for his dogs is just that strong.

They’re the only family Choko has now.

He came to be homeless after escaping his abusive home. With no where to live, the only place to go was the streets. For years, Shaggy and Nena were all he had with him.

A bystander filmed and uploaded the precious scene of him throwing a party with the little money he had.

And a story like that is sure to make the news.

Before he knew it, Choko’s video was viral. It had thousands of reacts on Facebook, and a whole lot more people knew about him.

Now things were going to change for the better. Once people knew of this kind man and his unconditional love for his dogs, the internet fell in love with him.

People soon flocked to the spot where the video took place. They absolutely needed to see the man who made a sacrifice on his own food just to make one of his dogs happy. How many people love their dogs this much?

Thanks to information from the person who filmed it, people approached Choko and donated money.

This was no doubt surprising to Choko. He was just throwing a party for his dog just a few days ago. Who are all these strangers showing up all of a sudden?

Well, he wasn’t going to complain. He was in need of money and a home, after all. Choko was even gifted a phone by someone, which he put to good use.

Choko now has an Instagram page where he shares his everyday life with Shaggy and Nena, as well as old memories of his.

With the money he was donated, Choko now enjoys things that most of us take for granted.

He’s got a roof over his head, applied for an ID, and even shared his trip to the dentist.

But now matter how much easier life gets for him, he won’t forget how Shaggy and Nena stayed by his side through it all.

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