By emailing his wife a picture, the husband requested that she bring the adorable kitty home.

When there is conflict, partners often come to an agreement and make a concession. This typically results in a discussion between opposing viewpoints. At the parking lot, a man noticed a strange ball of hair and quickly discovered it was a little cat that was lost and wandering.

He snapped a photo and emailed it to his wife, asking if he might bring it home. Later, the wife said that she had no choice but to say nothing. The cat had a variety of issues and was in bad condition.

His wife knew she couldn’t resist when she saw this adorable muzzle, and the man felt he couldn’t leave him in this situation. Dinner and a shower were promptly offered to Cat.

The cute kitty was so content that the next morning he went in for a checkup at the veterinarian.

He had just turned a month old and was healthy. They stopped on the way back to grab him a tray, delicious food, and fun toys.

The spouses named the cat Axel, and the rest of the family soon warmed up to him. Never once did they question their decision to keep him safe.


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