Bravo! How does a guy who lost 440 pounds look?

A famous TV show helped Casey, an American, shed 200 pounds. But the fortunate individual soon found himself in a different circumstance. When the American saw himself in the mirror after losing weight, he was astounded. A lot had changed in Casey. The man’s face sagged and his lines were more obvious when he drastically reduced his weight.

Casey is happy he got in shape, despite the fact that he now has new issues. The young man won’t hang around. He’ll undergo plastic surgery and look brand new.

“Why did you harm yourself like that?” A “good job,” You did fantastic,”

“You ought to have stopped sooner and avoided dressing that way,” “I hope I can lose weight too,” “Casey, you’re a hero,” etc.

In the comments section underneath Casey’s photo, internet users wrote: “When I look at you, I realize that all is not lost.”

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