Blinded Dog Lay Down And Was Waiting For Paradise, Until A Light Of Hope Glimsed

This blind dog had suffered a lot because of his cruel owner. The dog was blinded and injured when he was found. And he was put in a box where the calm dog waited for his death.

Fortunately enough, the kind rescuers found him and did everything to make his life a bit happier. The dog was shy at first but soon he understood that it was his second chance at life and who knows maybe it would be better.

After the vet conducted a health examination it turned out that the dog needed a blood transfusion. As soon as the dog started to get his treatment the rescuers posted his story on Facebook and tried to find a proper place for him.

Kind people still live in our surroundings and want to help such animals with pleasure. A kind woman called and wanted to foster the blind dog. She told that she had kept such animals and had a good experience how to treat such dogs. The rescuers couldn’t help their emotions. After the dog got the needed treatment he went immediately to his new foster mom who welcomed the dog with love. The dog felt her positive energy and he was like smiling at that time. He couldn’t be happier that there were people who were ready to love dogs like him.

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