Beagle pulls flowers from grandma’s garden and charms his way out of trouble

Troublemakers always need to know two things. How to not get caught, and how to get themselves off the hook should they get caught.

This Beagle caused a bit of trouble for his mom and tried the old puppy dog face tactic to get himself out of trouble.

Beagles are a lovable breed, but they are also incredibly adventurous. That curiosity of theirs is incredibly strong. Sometimes, a bit too strong.

A Beagle is a scent hound breed, after all. They can’t resist following a scent until they discover it.

This Beagle’s name is Simba, and he got in trouble for ruining his grandma’s flower garden.

Like the rest of his breed, Simba just couldn’t fight the urge to explore what his nose picked up. I’m guessing those flowers smelled too good for him to sit still.

Flowers take work and time to grow, so surely grandma was rather upset.

Simba is in trouble, and he knows it. The moment he was scolded was filmed and uploaded to Instagram. Ashamed of what he did, Simba stands in the doorway and starts wondering how to get them to forgive him.

Grandma’s got the evidence in her hand: one of the flowers that he picked.

Oh, boy. What are you gonna do now, Simba?

Simba tries to look cute for grandma. Maybe that way, she won’t be mad at him, right? Well, judging from the few seconds of the video, she wasn’t swayed.

Although Simba assures in the caption that she didn’t stay mad.

“no matter how hard nani tries, she can’t be angry at me for more than 5 seconds”

I believe him. If he were constantly grounded, he wouldn’t be able to engage in half the antics he does on his Instagram.

Simba gets to do everything from car rides to dressing up with his mom.

In fact, one could speculate that this might not be the first time Simba got in trouble with his grandma.

And like any family dog, he’s not going anywhere despite his occasional troublemaking. His mom loves him to death.

Scroll through Simba’s Instagram, and you’ll find his mom rubbing lotion on him, taking him to places, and much more.

He even gets to stay on the bed with her. That’s some high privilege since beds are usually off-limits for dogs.

The American Kennel Club described the Beagle as “curious, clever, and energetic hounds who require plenty of play time”.


And that’s as accurate a description as you’ll find.

If the thought of getting a Beagle ever crosses your mind, be prepared to do lots of training and monitoring.

With a Beagle in your hands, no scent within a few kilometers is safe. Always make sure the front gate is closed, lest you want your Beagle to roam off in search of whatever it catches the scent of.


Keep them indoors instead and give them something else to do, like what Simba’s mom does here!

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