Baby Elephant Stops Traffic To Steal Loads Of Sugarcane From Passing Trucks

Elephants are known for their sweet tooth and like to eat bananas, sugar cane, and other sweets.

Recently an elephant stopped the cars and made the traffic very busy by just eating his favorite food from one of the trucks. Auan-tia is an elephant living in the sanctuary near this road.

When he approached the cars they had no choice but to slow down and let him do whatever he wanted.

The elephant managed to steal from 12 different cars before returning to the jungle. The clever elephant stopped the cars one by one and tried the food. His food that day consisted of sugar cane and tapioca.

The motorists and drivers were informed about these elephants and kept their distance. However, this case was very special as the young elephant stopped the cars and refused to go until he ate his favorite food.

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