Baby elephant hilariously steals the spotlight during reporter’s segment

Elephants are incredible and intelligent animals. Unfortunately, they also face a lot of danger from humans. Elephants in Sub-Saharan Africa are often poached for their ivory.

These poachers look at the elephants and only think about the money they can get from them.

Geoff Mayes definitely thinks elephants are worth a lot more than money, which is why he came to an elephant sanctuary to cover just that.

He also decided it’d be great to have a partner come on camera for some visual aid, and it went about as well as it sounds.

Komo the baby elephant joined him on camera, and given that elephants age and live about as long as humans, this means Komo would be the equivalent of a pre-toddler.

That seems about right based on what we’re about to see.

The scene begins with Geoff providing us some overview and context on the state of elephant populations in Africa.

“The problem facing African Elephants…..” He manages to get about 5 words out before Komo interrupts.

Geoff can’t help but giggle.

Settle down, Komo. I have lines to read!

Just to be clear, baby elephants about Komo’s age already weigh more than a grown person.

Even fresh out of the womb, a newborn African Elephant already tips the scales at 150 to 350 pounds (or 68 to 150 kilograms!). That’s a whole lot of baby for one reporter to handle.

The elephant caretaker watching off-camera tries again and again to get the feisty, not-so-pint-sized pachyderm to behave.

While elephants can be nearly as intelligent as people, I don’t think Komo is getting the message. He is a baby, after all.

“At the moment, elephants are facing a war against poaching…” Geoff is barely able to get this sentence out before Komo nudges him again.

Maybe Komo was happy to meet someone worried about him and his species.

Or maybe Komo just loves making new friends, also like a human toddler.

Geoff doesn’t mind one bit, though. He even tells the handler that he doesn’t mind Komo’s nudges and displays of playful affection. His species is vulnerable anyway, so he could use some friends and stress relief, right?

“We are currently losing a vast number of elephants to poachers, and elephants are very close to my heart.”

It’s pretty funny how Geoff says they’re very close to his heart, just as Komo is ramming and nudging against his chest. Don’t think that’s what he meant, Komo.

Geoff and Komo both did a wonderful job spreading the message of just how amazing elephants are. We’re glad that Geoff is helping to spread the word about the dangers of ivory poaching. Hopefully, Komo will get to grow up in a world where he isn’t in danger.

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