Attacker Blinds Dog Then She Holds Out Her Paw And Begs Woman To Take Away The Hurt

Two rescuers from Diasozo Animal Rescue (DAR) were feeding stray animals in a nearby village when they saw a something lying on the grass.

According to, when they approached, they saw that it was a dog in obvious distress.

The poor dog’s wounds were terrible. She could barely move and when one of the rescuers picked her up, she saw that one of her eyes had been deliberately gouged out. Who in their right mind would do such a thing? Nobody would do that! Because when you are sensitive, you are always compassionate towards animals!

The almost unconscious dog was taken inside the vehicle. In the video below, the rescuer explains that she felt the eye rot. Who could do such a thing and leave her in this state? It is unthinkable.

His poor eye sagged and the tissue rotted. There was no way to save his eye. The vet found that he had an old fracture in his jaw and a rope tied tightly to his chest. Again, it was clear that this was no accident. This dog had been deliberately injured.

The next step was to operate on her eye, but unfortunately she was still not strong enough to survive the operation. The vet gave her plenty of painkillers so she could finally rest. Now her task was to sleep as much as possible to regain her strength.

When you sleep, you get better!

The poor girl was too weak to eat and drink on her own, but the veterinary assistants were happy to help her. A few days later she was much stronger and ready for surgery. The vet removed the eye and cleaned the area. Soon the eye socket would heal and she would recover.

She is a very brave girl!

She slept for the first few days after the operation, but then she stood up! What a fighter! She stood up herself and said goodbye to everyone who helped her. She was now ready to go to a rehabilitation center and then to a foster home.

Look at this beautiful puppy!

The cute little girl stayed at the center to get medical help and then something amazing happened! She recovered faster than expected because there was so much love and care around her. This meant she could be put up for adoption.

The little angel was adopted in an instant! A sweet family heard about the little warrior and wanted to take her home right away! They named her “Honey”.

Honey has a new name and a new life and is doing very well. We want to thank DAR for everything they have done! Honey is alive today because of you! You can watch Honey’s story in the video below. We advise caution because the video shows Honey in despair. But even here there is a happy ending!

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