At a dance competition, a 15-year-old wheelchair-bound Ukrainian woman won over the judges.

Yaroslav, kindly. Yasya, a stunning girl who has a spinal hernia, is confined to a wheelchair. Despite her distinctiveness, the Ukrainian candidate of the American talent competition show America’s Got Talent won over the judges.

Yaroslava enchanted the project’s jury during a virtual audition. Just be in awe of Yasya’s easiness in handling her assignment. “You are our bright girl,” “You are our smart girl.”

What a lovely thing! “Well done, Yaroslava.” You are just intelligent, “You are our pride and delight,” “Well done, Yaroslava.” “A little bit of your willpower would be nice for all of us,” True Ukrainian


Admiring online users praise the “strong girl.” What say you? Post your thoughts in the comments section.


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