Ariah is skilled at selecting a bikini. These are the forms!

Over the years, Mariah Carey has enjoyed showing off her seductive curves in bikinis. Mimi has delighted admirers with photographs of herself appearing like a sweet, sweet fantasy in swimsuit during the course of her three-decade career as a singing superstar!

When the “We Belong Together” singer travels to Aspen, Colorado, for Christmas every year, her fans can always rely on her to provide them bikini content.

She frequently sports a festive bikini, but when relaxing in her hot tub in the snow, she has also dressed it up in a shiny gold one-piece. Even Mimi is now aware that sharing holiday hot tub photos with her admirers has become a tradition.

Early in her career, Mariah would routinely show off her form in bikinis. When she was advertising her next global tour in 2003, she looked gorgeous in a blue and white string ensemble on the sands of Miami Beach, Florida.

The diva, who is self-assured of her body, has also worn bikinis in music videos and for other ventures. For a night of partying in London in 2001, Mariah sported a black bikini top and low-slung pants in classic early aughts fashion.

Mariah had her first child as a mother in 2008 after being married to her second husband, Nick Cannon. On April 30, 2011, they gave birth to twins Monroe and Moroccan before divorcing three years later.

Mimi struggled to lose the 70 pounds she put on throughout her pregnancy. Later, she admitted that 30 of those pounds were lost through exercise and nutrition, and the remaining 40 pounds were due to water weight retention. She even started serving as a spokesperson for meal programs endorsed by Jenny Craig.

In a November 2011 interview with Us Weekly, Mariah said that she has acquired a significant amount of weight despite just consuming 1,500 calories per day and working out three times per week.

“Being able to have the babies was a big blessing. But because I couldn’t move, I felt stuck in my body,” she said to the magazine, adding, “I’m proud of how hard I fought to get my body back. To myself, I had to do this. Mimi still has a ferocious appearance more than ten years later!

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