An injured dog wandered all over the city looking for his owners, who had abandoned him

When passers-by passed by a poor sore and defeated dog, collapsed on the sidewalk, they were moved. But not even her pain was enough to compel them to help her. They were afraid of her because she was large, so they moved away from her, writes toancanh24h

Who would think that such a vulnerable and suffering furry could do any harm?

This unfortunate story happened in the town of Karditsa, Greece. Only after a neighbor reported the sad case to Diasozo Animal Rescue volunteers did Markella, as the dog was known, regain hope.

Ermioni Giannakou, the shelter’s founder, along with the other rescuers, Katerina and Fotini, ran to see what they could do for the furry little one, but nothing could prepare them for what they saw, and learned later.


In pain, she spent more than 12 hours waiting for help, she had given up…

Being injured, she simply fell to the ground and closed her little eyes. They realized that her pain was caused not only by her injuries, but also by the fact that they had broken her heart.

Residents said that Markella actually had a family that she always loved. But they saw how they threw her into the street from a car. They even saw her wander around, approaching each vehicle as if she was desperate to find her owner.


Her family decided to throw her away as garbage and she was devastated

And as if that wasn’t traumatic enough for the poor thing, she was hit on the spot by another car, leaving her with a painful fracture that prevented her from walking.

When Ermioni began to pet her, the dog was so faint that she seemed lifeless.

So he immediately scooped her up in his arms, despite her large size, and rushed her to an emergency vet.

He had several very painful injuries, in addition to a serious fracture in his little finger. She was concerned that, even though they had done everything possible to save her and she had recovered, placing her for adoption would be one of the most difficult decisions she would have to make. Nobody wants to take in a large, elderly dog.


“We could see how much his depressed heart suffered. That broke both of our hearts.”

Markella’s fracture soon healed and she was taken for her first ride, but something else completely shook them.

She made a move to look for someone, it was as if she still had the hope of finding her family, the same one that despised her and threw her to her fate. It’s incredible what a dog’s heart is like! Capable of love, forgiveness, and forgetting…

What they feared so much happened, days, weeks and months passed, and they couldn’t get anyone to adopt her, but they would never give up.

Her great efforts paid off and an angel from the UK appeared to take her home forever.

Today we can tell you the beautiful news that Markella has it all: a wonderful house, all the green space in the world, loving owners, and even many canine siblings with whom she plays endlessly.


She is the darling of her home… See how she is now in this video!:

Although it is still difficult for him to overcome his previous family’s abandonment, he knows that he will be happy in that place forever.

Few people recognize in Markella, white as snow, that poor injured and abandoned dog.

The heroes of Diasozo Animal Rescue are great human beings, independent rescuers with very few resources, but dedicated to rescuing hungry and abused little animals.

Don’t leave without sharing Markella’s moving story. Hopefully, it reaches her former owners’ ears and they see how her destiny changed so dramatically because of angels who truly knew how to love her.

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