An abandoned puppy sat in a crumpled cardboard box and shivered… It would have already accepted its fate, if not for Anna

It was winter and it was very cold and chilly. That day, Anya Yashina went out on her own business, but suddenly saw something that made her postpone all plans for that day, writes positive-info

Today we want to share a very touching story with you that happened to a girl and completely changed her life and not only…

Suddenly seeing a crumpled cardboard box in front of her, Anya even forgot where she was going. In this box sat a small puppy. The girl noticed that the baby was clean, but very scared. Apparently, he used to live in the house, but they decided to leave it for some reason.

And the baby was very cold, it was shaking so much that even the box in which it was sitting was shaking. And the dirty foam mattress that lay there did not warm the puppy at all.

It was clear that the baby had already accepted its fate and did not even try to get out, did not molest people, and did not even squeak. Most likely, the puppy could not understand that it was just
betrayed and left. The baby just stared wistfully, not counting on anyone to save it.…

Anya simply could not remain indifferent, because this baby is not to blame for anything and does not deserve such treatment at all. The girl sat down near the box and stroked the puppy, without thinking for a long time, she carried the baby to her home.

Deciding at the same time that all other things will wait. This is more important!

Already at home, the baby was fed and warmed, it sat wrapped in a warm blanket and quietly fell asleep.

At first, Anna wanted to find a good family for the baby. But for some reason, no one wanted to take it away. The girl was even happy at heart, she was already so attached to the baby.

Now the puppy has turned into an adult dog.

And last year, Yashina brought him to a dog show called «I am a nobleman». And here’s the joy: her favorite was awarded first place!

This is a wonderful story. Anya does not regret that she once gave shelter to an ordinary mongrel. She also assured her friends that such dogs are not inferior in anything to their purebred counterparts.

Thank you Anya for saving a simple defenseless puppy!
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