After a four-year relationship, Robert Pattinson made his girlfriend’s identity publicly known for the first time.

The actor and Sookie Waterhouse went to a fashion show together.

British actor Robert Pattinson formally introduced British model Sookie Waterhouse after a four-year relationship.

In Giza, Egypt, the pair saw a display of the Dior menswear range. In front of others, the pair did not hold back in showing their love for one another. The pair lovingly posed for the cameras while grinning, holding hands, and cuddling.

Note that this is Robert and Sookie’s first time making a public declaration of their relationship. The celebrities had been dating for four years, but after the media became aware of their relationship, only the paparazzi were able to “capture” them together. Meanwhile, Robert and Sookie were hesitant to provide any private information.

By the way, in 2020, various outlets reported that Pattinson had popped the question to Waterhouse. These tales were inspired by the engagement-ring-like ring that was on Sookie’s ring finger.

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