Abandoned Puppy was Scared to Death After Being Thrown Away

Recently the rescue organization Paw Squadron got an emergency call about a puppy thrown away in a village area after being adopted. The new owners didn’t want him and threw him away in the bushes.

The poor puppy was hiding and the rescuers found him very scared. He was afraid of them and didn’t want to approach them. But soon he realized that these people wouldn’t harm him. As soon as the kind person got hold of the puppy, he was taken to his new home.

The poor puppy still was still afraid but ate the whole bowl of food that the rescuers gave him. When they reached home he started to examine the whole house.

The rescuers carefully bathed him and dried him with a towel. The puppy was taken to the vet then and got all the necessary medicaments. Now the clean and healthy puppy was waiting to be adopted.

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