Abandoned Old And Paralyzed Dog Meets The Sea And True Love Before His Death

Thankfully the puppy had the chance to know that there are good people in the world before he died.

Having devoted the best years of his life to an ungrateful family, Heart, a German shepherd, seemed doomed to die completely abandoned and in some distress. His story reminds us that hope is the last thing to be lost. This canine father crossed a rainbow of love.

The little one was left in an old house where he would live for the rest of his life. Fortunately, the intentions of the former owners were not respected. The staff of the animal welfare association Qua la Paampa in Bitonto (Bari) decided to intervene.

Heart, given a name with the help of his rescuer Gianna Serena Manfredi, was paralyzed and crawled up and down the street in search of food. At night, the furry animal returned to the historic home where he was left as he should have been. It was a very difficult time for the boy. When they rescued him, the volunteers tried to get Heart moving again. They even used a wheelchair for a while, but the swelling in his spine got worse and worse.

They may not have intended to do anything to make the dog well again, but they certainly wanted to protect his heart, so they set out to make his last days as happy as possible. The dog wanted his heart to learn what love is before he left this world. In addition, the Samaritan woman took it upon herself to prepare a very dignified and peaceful farewell for him. Heart used the wheelchair for some time.

Gianna let the puppy get to know the sea and lay on her cushion to experience the purest and most relaxing wind. ,,And we went to the sea. It was incomparably beautiful. The wind caressed my ears and the waves crashed against the rocks. It was the sound of the sea in the silence of winter. It was so relaxing. I almost fell asleep and forgot all the pain of being abandoned by someone who didn’t care much about me.” The employer wrote on Facebook.

When she discovered the sea, Heart was completely immobilized on her hind legs. However her caregivers helped her experience some bloodless water. ,,Forget the pain of the injuries she started to feel. The pain of not being able to walk on it. The pain of very small dogs who were walked once when it was stony. I couldn’t touch the water but the personalities helped Maine carry some water and wet my face because it was clean and smelled of freedom.” she added.

Heart’s suffering at one point was unimaginable. But these flesh and blood angels did their best to help her forget. The little dog spent the end of his life rejoicing in the knowledge that there are real people in the world. Heart’s suffering is incredible, but Gianna confirmed that love can heal everything. Share this story so your friends know that they too can become angels.

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