a young woman’s charity to a blind man was captured on camera

Casey Spelman had no interest in fame or attention. She only wanted to assist the man in calling a cab.
Random deeds of generosity are often appreciated, and this one is no exception. You see, a blind guy unsuccessfully attempted to hail a cab following a Chicago Cubs game. up till Casey approached.

Source: Ryan Hamilton via Facebook On a rooftop close to Wrigley Field, Ryan Hamilton took a few pictures of the event he was seeing. Then 26-year-old Spelman called a cab for the blind man while standing next to him.

Spellman admitted, “I didn’t really think much of it at the moment. After a Cubs game, the area was still rather busy. It’s going to take him a while, I thought.

Even so, she inquired as to his preference for front or back seating.

Casey, who is from Indianapolis, was in the Wrigleyville region visiting friends. Yusef Dale, an associate US attorney in Chicago, was recognized as the blind guy.
Do you need assistance hailing a cab?

Spelman enquired.

Yes, you sound attractive, so cabs will likely stop for you before me, he added.

Dale joked in return.

While she went outside to hail a cab, Casey and Dale chatted about baseball, the crowd, and the afternoon game. After a little while, a cab arrived, and Casey and Dale hugged before Dale entered.

The caption for Ryan Hamilton said,

“Wanted to acknowledge this girl. I have no idea who she is, but we are on the rooftop of the Old Crow Smokehouse in Wrigleyville. A lady approached the blind Cubs fan and inquired as to whether he required assistance hailing a cab after he had been trying to do so for a number of minutes. She remained there with him until a car arrived. It’s amazing to witness such generosity in a world when the media frequently presents hatred. Freely distribute in the hopes that her generosity spreads.

It’s a Facebook post that has received more than 38,000 reactions. Why shouldn’t it, too?

Casey doesn’t consider herself a hero and merely wants to go viral stunt to teach others a valuable lesson. Even if this occurred in the past, simple deeds of compassion have the marvelous ability to spread around the world.

Spelman works as a speech-language therapist for hearing-impaired students at a school in Indiana.

She continues by saying that regardless of a person’s handicap or other distinctions, we should treat them equally. If we all lived by her slogan, the world would be a much better place. Without a doubt, we concur.


There is a lot of hatred and fear in the world, but Casey’s act of kindness can be the motivation you need to go out and assist those in unpleasant circumstances.

Casey Spelman shown to the world the immense potential that even the tiniest act of compassion has to bring about change.

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