A Woodpecker Somehow Becomes Famous For Jumping On Top Of A Woman’s Nest-Like Hair

Woodpeckers are very unique and attractive birds. Do you know that they can give out a force up to 1400 g-force?

People can get a concussion if they bang their heads with just 60-100 g’s. So the woodpeckers are very powerful birds. Now imagine a woodpecker on top of your head. This happened to a woman named Brittany Bronson.

When the woodpecker came to their kitchen from the open window Brittany couldn’t have imagined that something so strange was going to happen. The woodpecker all of a sudden jumped on the woman’s nest-like hair.

The bird was hooked with its rough nails into Brittany’s hair and her brother Colton could hardly remove the bird from the hair. When he caught the bird with his fingers he asked what to do with the bird next. Brittany was so kind that after so many sufferings she still decided to help the poor little bird. Colton and his sister named the bird Woody like the cartoon character.

Now the baby was under the care of Holly’s Nest Animal Rescue. There Woody should stay as much as the time would come to be released. Woody was so tiny that the bird couldn’t even feed so the rescue center would care for her for a short time.

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