A Rescued Overweight Senior Dog Made An Amazing Transformation Under Her Dad’s Fitness Training

Squishy was a senior dog who suffered from extra weight. But the overweight senior dog soon transformed into a handsome dog who didn’t look like a senior one.

Jimmy Shiba was known for his fantastic transformations. Jimmy adopted Squishy from Muttville. The kind man decided that the dog would soon feel much better and lighter.

At that time the senior dog was weighing 59 pounds. The kind man decided that the dog would weigh normally after some attempts and he did it.

They began to go for a walk every morning and step by step these walks became runs. The dog ran as much as he could but day after day he improved his health and started to lose weight.

In an Instagram post, Jimmy showed how Squishy was running up the stairs with a new record. Soon the dog looked like a puppy as he lost weight and proved to everyone that everything could be overcome by self-confidence and a little effort.

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