A Newborn Aardvark Has Been Born At Chester Zoo For The First Time In Its 90-Year History

An eight-year-old mum Oni and six-year-old father Koos recently have become the parents of a baby aardvark. The baby aardvark has been born in the Chester Zoo and has become the first aardvark born there.

The staff named the baby Dobby because of the resemblance to the loved Harry Potter character. The baby was born with floppy ears, hairless wrinkly skin, and giant claws. The baby was being hand-cared by the zoo staff so as to gain weight and feel better sooner.

Aardvarks are indigenous in Sub-Saharan Africa where they are threatened by habitat loss. They are also caught because of their meat.

It is very bad to announce the birth of such an amazing creature in captivity, however, such births enable us to find out more about unique animals, their behaviors, biology, etc.

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