A 22-year-old adopts a little kid and raises him till he is well.

Who would have imagined that attending a New Year’s Party might genuinely alter your life?

While taking a vacation from school in Texas to ring new 2018 with his friends, Jimmy Amisial was wandering around his birthplace of Gonaives, Haiti when his life abruptly altered.

While strolling, he noticed a modest throng.

As he made his way to the event, he approached the small group of individuals with interest and made a discovery that would change his life forever.

Instead of going to the party like he had planned, Amisial chose to adopt a baby he had found in the garbage.

Amisial took him in right away.

Jimmy, who was 22 at the time, stated, “When I arrived to the spot where the people were making noise, I saw a baby.” There wasn’t a single person who wanted to take action since the animal was weeping amid a mound of rubbish.

The locals were too afraid of the infant because they thought it would be cursed or evil. Amisial, on the other hand, picked up the child softly and delicately.

He was not at least frightened.
“He was unclothed. He’d been there for a couple of hours, and fire ants were crawling all over him,” he said. He stopped weeping as soon as I lifted him up.

Amisial led the 3-month-old child to the home of his horrified mother, Elicie Jean.

She nevertheless decided to take the child in.
Amisial said, “We used some lotion to assist reduce the agony since when washing him we saw he had several fire ant bites and an allergic response.

He kept the baby overnight while filing a police complaint so they could investigate. Since no one had come forward to claim the child, a judge came to their home and asked Amisial whether he would want to take temporary custody of the child.

But he required time to make a choice.
I experienced several nights of insomnia after he asked me that question. My mother gently reminded me that everything happens for a reason while I tossed and turned. That was the opportunity I’ve been waiting for, I’ve always wanted to be a part of something spectacular,” he remarked.

Amisial agreed to look after the abandoned child after getting to know the infant. Amisial has been hanging onto the youngster ever since that awful night, and he is presently seeking to adopt him officially.

Amisial made the decision to adopt the child formally.

Amisial had to oblige; his student visa program required him to return to Texas at the end of his Christmas vacation. He decided to leave the newborn with his mother while they worked on the process to take the child into custody.

Amisial started the adoption process in 2019, but ran into issues right away. It may cost up to $40,000 to adopt a kid in Haiti, which was a lot of money for him.

But he was adamant.
Amisial decided to skip a year of school in 2020 in order to concentrate on the custody dispute involving the child he named Emilio Angel Jeremih. He works part-time as a gardener and delivery helper to help provide for himself and his family.

On July 27, Amisial launched a website campaign to raise money for Emilio’s adoption. Although it was intended to collect $60,000, donations ultimately came to more than $79,000. Emilio’s schooling will be sponsored by Amisial, and any extra money will be given to Haitian orphans.

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