9-year-old girl sang a song from Titanic better than the original!!!

Celine Tam, who was just 9 years old in 2017, won a shower of gold sequins for her incredible singing in 2017 and received the judges’ most notable praise.

She learned how to sing when she was three years old. She performed an intriguing song in the open at the age of four.

At the 2014 Shanhai LOVE concert, she and pop singer Schila Amzah performed “Let it Go” from the animated film Frozen. She is a singer from Hong Kong known by the stage name Celine Dion who first gained notoriety as a young child singing in live events and TV shows in China.

When she participated in the Let’s Sing Kids challenge at the age of five, she stumbled across the chance of a lifetime. She advanced to the semifinals of the 12th season of America Goth Talent in 2017.

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