80-year-old pulls an all-nighter at animal shelter to adopt prized pup

Jean Paul is an 80-year-old lady who did every possible and impossible thing to reach her beloved dog.

The old lady once met a soaked dog and fell in love at late midnight. When the journalists asked her why she helped the dog she answered that the dog’s begging eyes and wet skin made her fall in love with her.

Jean wanted to take the dog immediately to her home but the shelter said that it wasn’t possible at such hour.

As the woman wanted this dog with all her heart she decided to wait in front of the shelter the whole night in her car. She was afraid if someone took the dog and spent 9 long hours in order to adopt the dog.
Soon the kind lady made her wish come true and hugged the dog when the long adoption process was finished. She named her Lily and took her to her fire home where the dog would feel loved and protected.

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