62-year-old Madonna uploaded a picture of herself and her 90-year-old father.

An intriguing family photo of Madonna’s family, led by her father Silvio Ciccone, 90, was just uploaded on her website. In honor of her father’s birthday, the maker traveled to her native Michigan, where she spent a very intense time with her family.

On her Instagram page, Madonna posted a video of family pictures and recordings in which she is seen with her four kids, Lourdes, David Banda, and Leniency James, who are aged 8, 15, and 24. The 20-year-old kid of the celebrity, Rocco, who was missing from the film, appears to have missed the family trip.

The singer has two biological children, Lourdes and Rocco, as well as four younger children who were adopted.

«My father instilled in me the value of working hard to support oneself. I simply wanted to express my gratitude to you one more. The pop diva gushed, “It was fantastic to spend your 90th birthday with my kids in your vineyard.

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