150lb Giant Great Dane Turns Into Sweetest Foster Dad To Tiny Kittens

This Great Dane weight 150 lb and people got amazed seeing him in the streets told his owner Karen The Dodo. But Karen told that despite his huge size Corbin was a very gentle dog and sometimes was afraid of his own shadow.

Recently Karen had fostered little kittens with Ontario SPCA & Humane Society for a few days. Corbin was impatient to meet them but Karen had to keep the Great Dane away from them as the dog was very clumsy and sometimes he even sat on the people.

The dog could unintentionally put his paws on the kittens and do harm. But he adored the kittens and wanted to play with them. Corbin acted very carefully when he was with the kittens. He was a real cat mother for them.

They played with each other. Corbin licked them gently and cuddled with them when they met. The kittens, in their turn, adored the huge dog.

But one of them standed out for Corbin. Jesper fell in love at first sight when she met the enormous dog. They had a special bond and became insaparable friends.

Soon teh kitten got adopted but Corbin understood that it was better for the kitten and wasn’t depressed after all. This huge dog shows that size, age, and other trivial thinds don’t matter in loving and caring for someone.

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