104-year-old fulfills her lifelong dream of getting to pet a penguin: ‘I never thought it would happen’

Acquiring your desired pet will make you be in seventh heaven. They can fill your day with positiveness, and enthusiasm and also make your worst day the best one.

This all happened with a 104-year-old woman named Bertha Komor. She is the oldest resident of the Village Gate of Farmington senior retirement community in Connecticut.

Recently the kind-hearted caretakers decided to make one of the woman’s biggest dreams come true. She wished to have a pet penguin throughout her whole life but couldn’t manage, unfortunately. So the caretakers cooperated with the Twilight Wish Foundation 

Soon Bertha and the other residents got a new friend, a 35-year-old African Penguin named Red Green, from the Mystic Aquarium. The penguin itself is the oldest one in their facility.

The aquarium staff introduced the penguin to her and the woman was very excited at that moment. You can see from the photos that the woman was purely happy. The whole meet-and-greet would’ve normally cost over a thousand dollars, according to NECN, but thanks to the partnership with Twilight Wish it was free for the nursing home.

“I never thought it would happen,” Bertha told NECN.

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