Young bride proudly shows off her grey hair on wedding day and makes headlines for it

After her wedding, Kadeja Jackson Baker was shocked to learn that she went viral.

The exact post that went viral, gaining over 2.2M views from TikTok, was her behind-the-scene glam clip.

It was a post from well-loved make-up artist Tia Codrington from Miami.

Tia posts behind-the-scenes clips of her gorgeous clients, but what made Kadeja different was her natural gray hair.

In the said video, we see the make-up artist applying make-up to Kadeja. Then her naturally gray hair was curled up neatly.

“I loved my bride’s natural gray hair. She’s had it since she was 16,” Tia captioned.

It’s not every day that you get to see young people having gray hair.

Most of the time, it’s caused by insufficient or reduction of melanin. It’s beautiful and unique.

After posting, Tia’s TikTok clip went viral!

Many people admired Kadeja’s make-up and gown, but more people commented on how beautiful she was with her gray hair.

If you did not see Tia’s caption, you’d think that Kadeja asked for her hair to be yed gray.

Recently, some of the hair trends include dyeing their hair gray, also known as the “Granny Hair” trend.

“I initially didn’t have any expectations when posting the videos other than to share her beauty through my eyes, but witnessing how she embraced and embodied the beauty of her hair was something I felt compelled to share,” Tia said in her interview with Good Morning America.

According to Tia, Kadeja told her that before, like most people with naturally gray hair, she thought of having her hair dyed or maybe trying something different for her special occasion.

At the last minute, she chose to be herself and embrace her natural hair color.

Kadeja was shocked as she learned it was not only her TikTok video that went viral.

She was all over social media.

Kadeja, 38, said that she used to dye her hair. She wanted to get rid of her gray hair. Like many people, she thought that only old people had gray hair.

Seven years ago, it occurred to her she should embrace herself and that’s what she did.

From then on, she no longer dyed her hair and proudly showed everyone that gray hair is cool.

After the TikTok clip went viral, many people asked for updates, so Tia uploaded more clips of the stunning bride.

According to her interview, the unexpected attention was overwhelming, in a good way.

“I did not expect for the responses to be as plentiful as I look at myself in the mirror every day and did not think it was that big of a deal that I was embracing my natural hair and look,” she said to GMA.

For everyone who is curious about her overall look, her wedding dress was custom-made by J. Del Olmo. Her hair was done by hair artist Martine Saintval, and Tia Codrington for her make-up.

Kadeja was stunning!

She had a timeless and sophisticated look. Her husband’s reaction was adorable.

Kadeja did not expect that, for many people, her decision to embrace her natural gray hair would be inspiring.

We all have insecurities, and Kadeja’s decision made a tremendous impact on all those who needed inspiration.

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