You’ll reconsider getting a haircut when Jennifer Aniston accidently revealed what her ideal hairstyle looks like in person.

The actress’s hairstyle has gained a lot of popularity over time.

Customers of all ages encourage hairstylists to cut hair in the same way because they still see it as the standard.

She started to set trends in this area back in the aughts when Jennifer’s character Rachel’s hairstyle from “Friends” became legitimately legendary.

Aniston has maintained her hairstyle for many years, even after the final episode of “Friends” aired. and doesn’t change it; at most, it could be slightly shortened, a few centimeters longer, or toned.

In an ironic turn of events, Aniston openly acknowledges that she has never liked this appearance, claiming in an interview with Allure from 2011 that “she’s never seen an uglier hairdo.” Soon after, in 2015, Jennifer reiterated what she had said, claiming that she did not love how difficult it is to maintain this hairstyle and how challenging it is to get the ideal appearance at home.

And the actress’s recent photos, in which she had just combed her hair, are proof of that. Do you identify the legendary hairstyle it sports? We don’t, either.

By the way, the actress usually entrusts her hair to close friend and renowned stylist Chris McMillan. Aniston’s faith in Chris is so deep that she once went two days without washing her hair in order to get it done for the Golden Globes.

The famous person is currently learning how to style her own hair. Jennifer recently shared a little video in which she taught how to style your hair beautifully in just two minutes. The 53-year-old “Friends” actress revealed her hair care regimen to 40 million viewers.

It turns out that the remedy is simple: “Dry your hair normally and apply hair oil,” Aniston said in the image’s description. In a dark gray robe, Jennifer looked gorgeous as she combed out her delicate golden locks.

Aside from acting, the actress is now prospering; in September, she debuted her own line of hair care products. It appears that Aniston was motivated to take this action by her well-known yet difficult-to-style haircut.

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