Woman Starts Dancing But Her Miniature Horse Steals The Show

Blanco Brown’s “The Git Up” is dedicated to his grandmother who would tell him to, ‘Get up. Go do something productive in the world.‘ every morning. Simple, straightforward orders that he still lives by.

The song took off for its catchy hip-hop and country style plus that catchy dance that anyone could follow. The lyrics tell you what to do!

There are countless videos out there of families, friends, and professionals in their respective fields dancing along that it’s become a trend for others to do the challenge.

It’s even gone viral in the animal world!

No horsing around for this one. These mammals know how to get down when given the proper instructions.

They’re not some of the world’s most graceful animals for nothing!

The song starts with a funky beat with lines that go,

“Right now
I just need you to get real loose
Get comfortable
Grab your loved ones or grab your love partner
And if you’re by yourself no worries
Just follow after me”

Blanco just wants his listeners to have fun whether they have feet or hooves!

How did the song come about?

Brown tells the story,

‘When I first got the track, my homie brought a lap steel to the studio, and I saw them messing around with it. I had never played the lap steel before, so it sounded horrible, as we can imagine. And I tuned it like I tuned my guitar over E and I made one chord bar fret and then I kind of made the loop. And then I added the beat boxing, the kick drums, the 808’s, the snares, the spoons, the tambourines. And after I got finished doing that, I was like, “The song is so joyful, I’ve got to make some lyrics that feel just as exciting.”

Hence, the birth of an internet sensation.

And if you can get horses to appreciate your work, then it’s a masterpiece!

These horses follow the steps really well, even moving to the beat as if they’re counting in their heads. The training does not count if you think about it, as we humans need instructions before getting any dance!

Maybe these horses are naturally gifted with a real appreciation for Blanco’s hit.

Those smaller horses are cute! They dance along with their human, moving left when Brown says so, and spinning at the right moment. They look super happy doing so too!

The song does have a strong country vibe to it. A vibe horses have in their genes.

I know of a few people who couldn’t dance if their life depended on it and yet these horses are moving to the music as naturally as most pros do.

Man and horse go way back, doing everything from work to war and anything in between. But it is only in our time that they’ve become internet stars because of their dancing. Not so bad at all.

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