Woman shares interesting facts about living life in the coldest place on Earth

Winter is here.

In Yakutia, Siberia, temperatures drop to as low as -71 degrees Celsius or -96 degrees Fahrenheit. It is literally one of the coolest places on earth that can be inhabited as shown by Kiun B.

Residents of Yakutia are used to the harsh cold, with some even going for a plunge in the icy waters. It gets so cold that a fog can block out the sun and cause death.

In Yakutia, you learn to chill out.

Located a few hundred miles outside the Arctic Circle, The Republic of Sakha, also known as Yakutiya or Yakut-Sakha, is now the largest republic in Russia.

Fur hats and thick coats are definitely required. Thick fur boots, gloves, and anything else to avoid frostbite is highly encouraged.

The cold is literally life threatening if you are not prepared.

Residents of Yakutia are so used to the cold, they even have an open air market where they can shop for meat and fish. The best part is they don’t need those huge freezers to preserve the meat.

Sellers remain outdoors for the entire day in the freezing winds.

And if you think there’s no way to have fun in such a harsh environment, think again.

They love ice fishing and ice swimming. Residents literally strip down to their swimwear before going for a dip in the freezing waters. This is cryotherapy for free!

Look at that catch!

It’s so cold outside, some people don’t own refrigerators anymore. They just hang their food out by the window allowing the natural cold to preserve their stocks. Ice cream anyone?

Instant noodles instantly freeze, frozen fruits can be used as a hammer, and those clothes hanging on the line stay stiff against the wind.

Buildings have their ground floors raised up a bit to avoid melting the permafrost. Pipes are left outside as well since they cannot be laid out on the ground.

Other residents make do with blocks of ice that they cut from the rivers which then melt in their homes. Free water!

Toilet duties are handled outside. Just be sure to do everything quickly. And remember to bring thick towels.

Owning a car in Yakutia can be problematic. Residents don’t shut their engines off to avoid freezing the fluids, components, and battery. From October to April, car owners leave the engines running. There’s no risk of overheating anyway.

It’s not always freezing though as summers can hit +40 degrees Celsius though it is short and dry.

The geography and culture are very diverse, and the big cities are really lively with theaters and museums. Kiun and her neighbors make it look so easy but walking outside in average temperatures of -50 is by no means a joke.

It is the coldest city in the world. Visitors need to do a lot of research and preparation before spending a few days in Yakutia. Though it certainly is an interesting place to experience!

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