Woman shares incredible timelapse of bird building nest and laying first egg

One of the best things about technology is wildlife recording.

What were once occurrences that we rarely encounter, technology has given us a chance to discover wildlife as it happens. Troves of recordings show us animal migrations, the ever-popular feeding and hunting habits, and the miracle of birth.

A YouTube content creator shares videos like these, focusing mainly on birds and their nesting patterns. They set up a bird box high up a canopy while the tenants are being filmed and streamed 24/7.

One of their guests in an expecting blue tit.

Now, before you laugh at the name, blue tits are one of the most easily identifiable birds in the UK. Their beautiful pattern of a blue coat combined with accents of greens, whites, and yellows, makes them stand out, especially when they nest in people’s homes.

These birds often migrate to gardens come January. Meanwhile, their mating and brooding seasons last from April to June. YouTube channel Live Nest Box Camera 2021 captured this moment.

A female blue tit flew inside the bird box.

And when you’re an expecting mother, you only want the best for your baby. The adorable yet hilarious moment showed the bird looking around the birdhouse and pecking on spots on the wood.

A wood finish, cozy interior, sunlight facing the door, and a 24-hour security? That property is as good as sold as far as this mother is concerned.

Commenters are quick to point out this familiar habit saying: “Love how she drops in and checks out the place like ‘Yo! This is nice! Wood floors, high ceiling, and security camera.’” Did we mention that the rent is free?

The next day, she prepares her nesting vigil.

She flies into the bird box with some greens in her beak. She dumped some of them onto the floor like some new furniture. And just like us who experience “buyer’s remorse”, she got rid of her first pieces.

Good thing furniture is also free, so it’s easy to switch swatches and opt for a more robust choice of rugs and linings. She does this for the next few days until the whole floor is covered with a good amount of fiber.

By the 46th day, a surprise happened.

In the span of her nesting vigil, she has been carrying with her a tiny miracle. In all of those moments where she chose the house and the furnishing, it was for something really special.

She cozied up in one corner and stayed there for a while. Her stillness was a big contrast to the hectic past weeks. For those who were watching, they know that something is up.

As she propped herself up, a marble peeked over the greens.

It was an egg – a new member of the flock of garden visitors. But it’s not the only visitor this delighted mom has.

Another blue tit flew into the nest biting on something with his beak. As mothers stay in the nest to incubate the eggs, it’s up to the husbands to do all the feeding.

Then, he gives his partner a bit of food and a kiss then flies off again to forage. It’s a portrait of a family that we only get to see all thanks to these dedicated creators and the technology they used to capture it.

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