Woman reunites wild stallion dad with all his mares and babies

As a wildlife enthusiast and owner of the Skydog Sanctuary, Oregon, Clare Staples had been following a wild horse, Blue Zeus, and his family for years. The group of horses lived on the ranges of Wyoming.

Clare adored Blue Zeus and his family. The horse always protected his family and took care of the babies like a real father. But one day the wonderful family got apart. Blue Zeus and his family were captured by the Bureau of Land Management as public lands were cleared of wild horses in favor of livestock and mining.

However, Clare couldn’t give up so easily. She started emailing, calling, asking, begging, and finally found her beloved horse. Blue Zeus was taken by $25 and was roaming in the Skydog Sanctuary again. but in the evenings he stood and looked at the horizon. Clare knew that he was missing his family and started to search for them too. She did every possible and impossible thing but finally managed to reunite the loving family. She was very happy to see them together again.

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