Woman Reaches Out To Pup Caked In Mud And Waste So That She Needs To Hold Back Sobs

DAR Animal Rescue find out about a little puppy hiding under a bench. Passersby walked past her and asked for help, posting photos of her on Facebook.

Strangely, no one stopped to pick her up and help her. She was very small and covered in mud. It’s heartbreaking that she was left there.

One of the DAR rescuers came forward to help the poor puppy. She could not understand why the child was left to suffer like this. When she got there, she was shocked to see the helpless little pup crying. The tiny dog was in a terrible state. She would not survive for long.

The rescuer wrapped her in a blanket and put her in the car. It was time to take her to the vet. On the examination table, the vet removed the ticks that were eating her blood. There were many of them. Her eyes had also a bad infection. Poor baby!

The vet even tried to lift him up, but he was too weak. It was a struggle. Not only was he malnourished, but he was also anemic due to blood loss from the parasite.

The little puppy finally gets food and water. She loves it! When was the last time she ate? Nobody really knows.

The puppy is in a bad state, but they are working around the clock to do everything they can to make sure she is okay. No one can exactly predict the future. Thankfully now that she is safe and cared for, her future looks much brighter than before.

We ask you to send all your prayers to this baby. She deserves a fair chance.

And don’t forget to do what you can to support rescue organizations and animal shelters in your community! Together we can really make a difference!

Watch the poor soul and her story in the video below.

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