Woman outwits her repeat porch pirate with an Amazon box full of kitty litter

Online shopping – it’s convenient, it gives you a lot of options, you can shop anytime you want, you can do it in the comforts of your own home, and most of all, it’s addicting.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this shopping alternative? Since the pandemic, the online shopping industry has grown drastically.

Most people started buying necessities online

However, waiting for packages is another thing. Most of us still need to work or are too busy to wait for the delivery guy.

That’s why most of our packages sit on our porch for a long time.

You would think that it’s safe there. After all, it is already in front of your home, and you have security too.

Unfortunately, porch pirates are busy too.

With the multiple deliveries every day, porch pirates are taking their chances.

They have been busy stealing packages.

These porch pirates don’t care what’s on the box.

They don’t care if it’s a pack of diapers for a baby, supplements for grandparents, or even food for our kids; these thieves will take whatever they can.

After more than three long years and around a dozen of her packages stolen, Laurie Pringle, 54, finally had enough.

And it wasn’t just her. Even her neighbors have been dealing with porch pirates for years now.

These people have lost so many packages over the years.

It’s time for that to stop.

Last December, something changed in that neighborhood.

“We were chatting. I have a puppy, they have a German shepherd, and we jokingly said, ‘We should just fill it up with dog doo.’ Of course, my little puppy couldn’t fill a box if we waited a week,” Pringle told CBC.

Then, she had a brilliant idea!

“While I was cleaning the cat litter, I thought, ‘It wouldn’t take much to fill a box with this stuff’ and so I thought, ‘You know, it’s Christmas time and maybe I should help Santa with the naughty list, and instead of coal, we can give the porch pirates some cat crap,’” she continued.

Of course. Santa is too busy with our kids. He has no time to deal with porch pirates, right?

Pringle is just being kind, right?

She was so excited, and she took a good-sized Amazon box and filled it with cat litter.

Pringle taped the box and placed it outside.

She was right.

About 40 minutes later, a man walked up to her porch, deliberately picked up the package, and left.

He didn’t even look around him. He wasn’t even scared that he was stealing. It was obvious that he had done this act numerous times.

“We did a happy dance and celebrated our just deserts,” Pringle told her interviewers.

She posted this on her Facebook account.

People cheered for her clever idea.

When one commenter asked her about reporting the incident to the police, she said she didn’t report the incident.

Though, police announced that they had already launched a program to help in this area.

“Operation Ama-gone.”

Operation Ama-gone focuses on package theft concerns. The police encourage the people to report every incident.

Const. Krista-Lee Ernst asks the public to report their concerns.

While Pringle made a viral trap for the thief, Ernst doesn’t support this idea. She warns people not to do the same thing.

“We’re not encouraging the public to engage in criminal activity because potentially [someone] could return to their house and they’re identifying their home and residence,” Ernst explained.

We don’t know these thieves and what they are thinking. They have been on your porch and can do so much more if provoked.

Watch the video of the porch thief taking his ‘special’ package below!

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