Woman finds senior lab sleeping outside with sweet note taped above bed

Connie might not be the young and spritely dog that she once was.

Her arthritis makes it hard for the senior dog to be active.

But Connie still has what matters most: love. And she is full of it!

That’s why Connie hangs out during the day in front of her Brighton, England, home. She sits on a cozy dog bed, giving love to everyone that passes by.

The senior lab loves love so much that she hands out free cuddles.

There are two signs posted above her dog bed that read: “Free Cuddles. I’m old and arthritic, but still have lots of love to share,” and “I’m very old and lame, but love affection.”

She signed both letters with, “Love, Connie.” Connie brings huge smiles to many faces that walk by each day.

Connie loves to greet them with a wag of her tail, inviting people to stop and say hello or give her some pets.

Becky Albon was lucky enough to be graced by Connie’s presence one day while walking by with her husband.

Albon and her hubby were so touched by this sweet senior pup that they just had to stop and spend some time with her.

“She was super friendly and happy to see us,” Albon told The Dodo. “She even let us give her belly rubs.”

Connie was overjoyed to have company and wagged her tail heavily while she was getting her pets from the Albons.

Not only was she getting attention from the Albons, but more neighbors were passing by that she could smile at. This made Connie one happy pup.

“She was wagging her tail at everyone who went past,” Albon said. “And she was very gentle.”

Seeing Connie brightened Albon’s entire day.

So, she snapped a photo of Connie and posted it on the Dogspotting Facebook page in the hopes that her story would brighten the days of others. That post went viral and was liked more than 14,000 times.

“Just went for a walk and met lovely Connie waiting on her doorstep for free cuddles,” Connie’s caption read.

Close to a thousand people commented on the post and were absolutely smitten by Connie.

“We need more doggos giving away free cuddles in our lives,” said one commenter.

“Catch me asleep in the street spooning Connie,” said another.

“Where is Connie? I wanna spend my day there,” said another.

Many contemplated what it would be like if a Connie lived in their own neighborhood.

“I would be late to everything,” said one commenter.

“I’m dying to finally be friends with a neighbor who has a dog just so I can cuddle a dog, but some of y’all just LUCKY ENOUGH TO HAVE CUDDLES FOR FREE LIKE THIS,” said another.

Connie absolutely loves all the attention. She looks forward to meeting her neighbors and new people each and every day. Everyone in Connie’s neighborhood loves when the weather is warm because it means that Connie will be outside to greet them.


Connie has now become famous online, and she was even featured on the popular Instagram and Twitter page We Rate Dogs. Other people documented visiting her, including a TikTok user named Anna.

Anna also revealed that Connie now has her own TikTok page. We can’t wait to see more cute videos of Connie getting cuddles.

Check out Anna’s video of Connie below!

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