Woman finds out selfless teen neighbor has been looking after her elderly parents

Parents raise children to become responsible and kind grown-ups.

And when this moment comes, the once strong and young mothers and fathers have turned elderly, which means they are now the ones in need of love and attention.

Back when they were younger, these parents give all of their youth and strength to make sure that the family is well and comfortable, plus every child’s dream is achieved as they become older. When the parents reach their senior years, this gives the children a great opportunity to show their elderly parents just how grateful they are and how much they love their folks.

However, sometimes, it is not always possible for grown-up children to visit and be with their elderly parents all the time.

Some sons and daughters may have their own families and it becomes inevitable to stay away from their parents. During these times, it may be difficult for the elderly folks, but having been through this themselves, they become very understanding and live on their own.

Tiki Joyner Edwards lives far away from her mother and father. But, she is not worried because there is someone whom she can trust to look after them each passing day.

His name is Romemylion Mitchell, and he is a teenage boy who lives near the home of Tiki’s parents. The young man has no blood relation with the woman’s family, but he sure is connected with them.

The teen has made it his mission to watch over Tiki’s parents, Trent and Cianne Joyner. He checks on them every single day, asking them if they need anything. He was always ready to lend a hand and be their guide when something is too hard for them to do because of their age.

Tiki appreciates the teen’s kindness to her parents and so, she wanted to share this incredible story by posting it on Facebook.

The post instantly gained positive acceptance online, making him an inspiration to everyone who came across the post.

“I just want to take a moment and recognize this sweet fella that lives across the street from my parents. He checks on them every day and has grown to love and care for them deeply,” Tiki wrote.

The woman shared that Romemylion rides with her father to the store aids him as he shops and even helps in bringing the groceries he bought to their house. On other days, the young man also cuts the grass in the yard and basically does every task the couple needs to get done.

“Not many 15 yr olds would take the time to care and be there for elderly neighbors,” Tiki shared further.

Romemylion has tons of things to do in school, but he never misses a day to check on the elderly couple who lives nearby.

Now, the young man may do a lot of things for Tiki’s elderly parents, but there is one thing he refuses to do and that is to accept any payment from them for whatever he is doing. Truly, Romemylion is a selfless and kind boy.

The teen has been doing this for years, which made his bond deeper as time went by. He is now more of a family than just a simple neighbor.

At one point, Tiki’s mom was hospitalized and Romemylion paid a visit. He missed her a lot and even cried after seeing the elderly woman.

“When he saw Mom today he busted out crying and just held her tight.. what a blessing and just wanted to pass on something heartwarming instead of the sad news we see and hear every day,” Tiki wrote.

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