Woman Begging Homeless Dog To Fight Back While He Knew That He Was Dying

A pit bull was nearly dying when he was found in a homeless shelter. He was named Saint. His emaciated body was infested with various parasites and he was tired of fighting the pain every day. Desperate to end his suffering, he refused everything necessary to keep him alive. A woman found Saint’s misery and her heart broke. The woman’s name is Heather. Feeling sorry for the guiltless dog, she took him into her home as a shelter dog. According to ilovemydog, the aim was to make him feel adored and appropriated in his last days, but Heather was surprised when Saint refused to eat.

Aziz was completely disconnected from his long and stressful life and was waiting to give up. He did not care about being loved or collaborate with his caregivers because he was losing his liveliness. Even when he could no longer stand on his own, Heather did her best to show him that he mattered and that changed everything!

Heather’s efforts to encourage Saint to fight for her touched his heart and he decided to fight for her! He started to eat and slowly reconnected with the world. Slowly and steadily his health improved and his will to live was revitalized!

Despite the crushing weight of the past, Saint decided to accept the present and live with his new family! He started to look forward to car trips, trips to the beach and play dates. Considering he is at his lowest point at the beginning of the video, it is a real treat to see him show his commitment towards the end! Saint is truly an inspiring survivor and a champion for the marginalized!

Watch the video below to see how Saint went from zero to hero after being given a second chance at life!

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