Woman arranges ‘blind date’ for her ‘special needs’ duck

When it comes to rescuing pets or animals, we usually think of cats or dogs, or farm animals like cows, chickens, or horses.

But ducks? That’s quite unusual.

That’s why no one bothered to notice this special duck at a tractor supply. No one except for this compassionate mama.

Sarah noticed this little duck all by himself and knew she wasn’t leaving the store without him. What made him even more unique and special was the distinct poof on his head.

Sarah named him Sunny because he was a little ray of sunshine.

Sarah and her family lived with other ducks and she placed Sunny with them. Sadly, they wouldn’t play with him and always left him by himself. While they all huddled together, Sunny was alone away from them.

This duck momma also then noticed that Sunny wasn’t growing. And he was wheezing a lot plus his eyes were watery.

When they took him to the vet, they found out he had an upper respiratory infection. This diagnosis changed his life.

The vet placed him on oral antibiotics for two weeks, and when his treatment was done, he finally grew like the other ducks.

Sunny’s family didn’t stop with this diagnosis. They did a full work-up at the vet and they found out that the poof on Sunny’s head was actually a genetic mutation.

Who knew, right? They thought it was just a cool hairdo.

They decided to spend a little more time with Sunny. Even the dogs and cats wanted to be with Sunny.

Later on, they found out that Sunny had a blind left eye.

“He would run into things. He would swim in circles,” Sarah described.

He still does have vision in his right eye, so he tilts his head so that he’ll be able to see.

The other animals in Sarah’s house, including the dogs, have an idea that Sunny is a special duck. And they let him get away with a lot. They let him eat their food. And they let him do whatever because they know Sunny’s not a threat.

He’s an indoor duck and when he does go outside, he’s always supervised. He’s not comfortable being around the ducks either but it doesn’t matter.

He does like people and all other animals. Sarah takes Sunny whenever they go on a family vacation as well.

And it was all that special care that helped Sunny thrive.

“The vet confirmed that he a hundred percent would not be alive today if he wasn’t getting the special care that he receives,” Sarah shared.

Sunny has a special bond with everyone in the family. He had a special bond with Sarah, her husband, their kids, and their cats and dogs.

He loves hearing his name and would always look for them whenever they called out Sunny’s name. He’s also still a baby and loved playing with his toys. Sarah’s kids loved giving him toys and playing with Sunny.

Sarah also arranged the sweetest ‘blind date’ for Sunny with another special needs duck.

Sunny had the best time waddling around the farmers’ market with his new friend. It was clear the duck had found someone he could relate to.

“What makes him different makes him special,” Sarah said. “He’s taught us so much just by being who he is. It doesn’t matter how hard life gets, he is always spreading sunshine.”

Be inspired by Sunny’s ray of sunshine when you watch the video below.

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