Wolf wakes up in pile of leaves and melts hearts with adorable stretching routine

Wolves are known to be terrifying and intimidating but they can be absolutely adorable too.

They have such complex personalities that sometimes it’s hard to see beyond all the fur and teeth.

They have a reputation for being very intelligent animals.

Wolves aren’t always the villains.

Their social structure is based on cooperation, trust, and loyalty between members.

They may look extremely scary, but that’s not always the case.

They’re actually very affectionate.

In the wild, wolves are pack animals that live in a hierarchy.

They are loyal, protective, and care deeply for their families and friends.

A wolf pack is a family unit consisting of an alpha pair, pups from the current year’s litter, and subordinate wolves that assist in caring for the cubs.

They’re generally only aggressive when provoked, but when left alone without posing any threat, it can be truly a joy to just watch them move in their natural habitat.

This wolf is too adorable.

This is exactly what happened with this particular wolf whose morning routine caught the hearts of many.

In a video posted on Youtube, a Mexican gray wolf named Hélène wakes up on a pile of leaves and stretches so adorably.

It’s so relaxing that even those who watched it found it calming.

Hélène must’ve had some great sleep.

If you’re new to the world of wildlife, you may be unaware of the Mexican gray wolf.

Indeed, much like my own lack of knowledge on this particular species before writing this article, most people have no idea that they even exist.

But they do, and they’re adorable.

The smallest wolf of their kind

They are a subspecies of the gray wolf and their species is already endangered because people have hunted them for their fur since the early 1900s.

The last known wild Mexican wolf was killed in 1963.

The first captive breeding program began in 1973 with 14 animals from captive-born litters at zoos around the country.

By 1980, that had changed,

There were only 7 left in captivity.

Although they are smaller than other wolf species, they are still relatively large—their name comes from their size.

They weigh up to 100 pounds.

But this is not just because of their mass: these wolves often stand 30 inches tall and lover 5 feet long.

Hélène’s smallness makes her extra adorable.

Imagine watching too big of a wolf doing some early morning stretches just like the rest of us.

It is just the most relatable thing, isn’t it?

As of writing, the video has already garnered over 344,000 views and people just can’t get enough of Hélène.

“That’s me pretty much every morning. What a gorgeous wolf. I especially love watching the Mexican gray wolves, I love their fur color patterns,” one of the commenters shared.

“This reminds me sooo much of my labrador who is lightly snoring next to me,” another one posted. “He does the same thing exactly when he slowly gets up from sleeping. Both of them are happy doggies!”

Hélène is a representation of the efforts of the Wolf Conservation Center to save wolves like her from extinction. They deserve more.

See Hélène execute the most adorable stretch ever in the video below!

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