While Kayaking, Man Saves A Dog He Discovered Abandoned On An Island

A man, named Fernando, found a malnourished and sad-looking dog while kayaking.

Once Fernando was kayaking when he heard some noises. When he noticed this dog standing at the shore he immediately rushed to help him.

The dog felt very well with Fernando which meant that he belonged to humans before and was abandoned there not to find a way back home. This was just heartbreaking to see such a lovely dog in such an awful condition.

Fernando had to kayak 2.5 miles back to the mainland to get the dog to safety. When he saw other rescue teams he gave the dog to them to take him to the vet as soon as possible.

Soon the dog was in safe hands and after treatment, he went to live in his foster home. Fernando visited the dog after a few days in his foster home and knew that his name was Jack.

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